Are Savannah Bike Tours for all levels of riders?

On tour, we are on the city streets, often among gentle traffic, as well as on wide sidewalks where necessary. Of course, we pull over safely on the tour stops to see the sights, take photos, and hear about the history and contemporary times of Savannah.

Are the tours safe? Are helmets required?

Your guide is skilled in leading groups of bikes along the City’s unique grid, so the tour participants can feel safe and protected while moving at a comfortable pace. Savannah Bike Tours is a fully insured company. Helmets are required for those under age 16 (state law), optional for 16+, and provided free of charge.

Am I required to sign a waiver?

Yes, all Savannah Bike Tours participants must sign a waiver before setting out on tour. A parent or guardian must sign for those under the age of 18.

What is the maximum number of people on a tour?

Our tours generally range from 2-12 people for safety and quality.

Are children welcome on the tour?  What special equipment do you have for children on tour?

Savannah Bike Tours are definitely family friendly, and geared to all ages, so children are always welcome. However, since the tour is at least two hours long and covers topics at a certain level, and some children have a limited attention span and energy level, the tour may not be appropriate for the very young. Savannah Bike Tours provides your child with a youth bicycle (20” wheel) and helmet. We do not have child seats or towing attachments at this time, but you may bring your own bikes with carriers if you'd like. There is no charge for child passengers on/behind your bike.

What kind of bike will I ride on tour?  Do they have baskets?  Do you have tandem or 3-wheel bikes?

Our bikes have coaster (foot) brakes, no gears (we are FLAT), and wide, comfy seats that can be easily adjusted for height. Arrive early for best choice. Bikes have baskets for things you may want to bring. Savannah Bike Tours does not have specialty bikes like tandem or 3-wheel at this time.

Can I rent a bike?

So sorry, but Savannah Bike Tours does not rent bikes. However, the City now has a bike share kiosk in Ellis Square for renting.  Also, there are a few bike shops downtown that rent.

How much distance will we cover?  How much of Savannah's historic district will we get to see?

Tours wind throughout Savannah’s 1-square-mile Historic District, visiting many of the squares and parks—adding up to approximately 3 to 4 miles of easy cruising on flat terrain.

What if I am a local—would there be anything of interest for me?

Yes, indeed! Locals can see their hometown with eyes anew, learn about the latest changes, or have details they never noticed pointed out. Impress your out-of-town guests by bringing them on a bike tour—a unique way to enjoy the city!

Are gift cards available?

Oh yes! Gift cards make a unique gift for newlyweds, next-door neighbors, or for Mom and Dad—or for that new student or resident to help familiarize them with Savannah. To purchase a gift card, just click “Gift Card” at the top of the web page.

Do you offer custom private tours for small groups?

Yes, a custom bike tour is an excellent team-building activity, conference program option, Parent's Weekend outing, or as a unique celebration for wedding parties and the like. For details about private group tours and how to arrange one, visit the Private Tours page.

Can I ride my own bike? Is there a discount if I do?

Certainly, we welcome you to ride your very own bike! The cost of the tour is discounted 10% off the usual rate.

How long do the tours last?

Tours are 2 hours. With traffic, weather, and other considerations, tours may go a bit past that, schedules permitting.

What if it rains or the skies are threatening? Do you give tours in winter?

Tours typically run in a light rain (Savannah's weather can change in an instant, and threatening rain often never materializes), but not in constant or heavy rain conditions. If we cancel a tour, we will contact you on the day of the tour to reschedule your reservation to another time that is convenient for you, if possible. If the weather is “iffy” and you are in doubt whether we will run, feel free to call before heading over. Since Savannah is in a semi-tropical climate zone, there are many days in the 70s or warmer from November to February. Therefore, we give tours year round. If a bit chilly, dress warmly and let's get moving to warm up!

Are tours ever cancelled due to special events?

Our tours wind throughout the downtown historic district, which is also Savannah's central business district. Because of this, our route is inevitably but rarely interrupted by city-wide parades, festivals, or other events. These will usually be known far in advance, and the route changed with no problems. The only exception is the day of the St. Patrick's Day parade when tours are not possible due to the city-wide, all-day event.

Are there bathroom stops on the tour?

Usually we have time to make a bathroom stop while on tour, but these are extremely limited. Unfortunately, our shop is not set up to accommodate guests inside, so no restrooms. Please plan accordingly, especially if travelling directly to the shop.

Can I bring my pet?

Yes! Pets are allowed on tour if they can ride quietly and comfortably in a carrier you provide. No charge for furry friends!

May I bring food and beverages on the tour?

Your tour includes one bottle of water (spring to fall).  Feel free to bring other non-alcoholic beverages or snacks if you’d like. We will have few opportunities to stop for food or water during the tour.

No alcoholic beverages, or consumption of such immediately before tour.  There will be plenty of time for enjoyment of adult beverages AFTER your tour is over.  :)

Can I get my party’s photo taken by the guide on the tour?

Your guide is happy to take a photo of participants posing with their bikes against some of our beautiful backdrops as a special keepsake!

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