If your time here is limited, maximize your visit with a bike tour--

the best orientation to the sights, people, and things to do in Savannah!

Why a Bike Tour?

Touring Savannah by bike is the most efficient way to see the city!

Enjoy the freedom of exploring the quiet, lesser-known streets that link the well-worn paths.

Cover a lot of groundincluding most of the historic district, with greater efficiency and less fatigue.

Journey up-close and personal to destinations along the way, stopping for awhile to admire and photograph Savannah’s beauty as you learn of its history.

Touring Savannah by bike is the fittest, greenest way to see the city:

Bike tours are good for you. Public health experts encourage walking and better yet, bicycling, to combat the rise in obesity. Let’s get going!

Bike tours are good for the Earth. Take a bike tour and cut your carbon footprint for awhile, using only pedal-power and emitting no pollutants.

Touring Savannah by bike is the most enjoyable way to see the city:

Bike tours are good for others. A bike tour is quiet, unobtrusive, and fume-free! Avoid contributing to downtown traffic congestion and noise by pedaling through history.

Bike tours are good, clean fun! What's more fun for the whole family and kids of all ages than a bike ride?

By bike is by far the most fantastic way to see this enchanted town and get an “insiders” scoop on the history and places to see and visit. There was no better way to be introduced to all of the squares, parks and architecture that are typical of Savannah’s charm and southern comfort.
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